api pools repairs

API pools are a system for effluent treatment where water is purged separating oil, gas and water. The effluents plant has this type of pools where hydrocarbons are separated from water and mud through a sedimentation process. Thus, oil can be recycled and water is chlorinated and used for irrigation.

In Coopertei we have the necessary technology to perform API pools repairs for hydrocarbon recovery, built according to API standards (American Petroleum Institute standards), which control the quality standards in transmission, gasoline and diesel motors.

During the repair process for API pools we do the following jobs:

  • Construction, modification and replacement of chemical product draggers.

  • Construction and mounting of collecting tubes for products.

  • Strings change.

  • Construction and changing of axis and crowns.

  • Construction and changing of dragging channels.

  • Repairing of gate entry cleaning system in API pools.

API pools repairs for hydrocarbon recovery are meant for optimizing the chemical waste treatment process, which responds to Integrated Environmental Managements.

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  • Construction and mounting of product collecting tubes
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  • API pools, entrance gate systems repairs
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  • Coopertei boasts technology to repair API pools
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  • Product skidders modification
  • Comprehensive repair in API pools for YPF La Plata
  • Repairs for optimization of chemical wastes detoxification process
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