axis laser alignment

We boast last generation axis laser alignment equipment with two sources of laser emission. These sources act as plain receptors to avoid errors that might start in the reading with laser alignment modules of single emitter.

Coopertei supplies axis laser alignment on site under strict safety and quality control management standards which makes our clients count on maximum accuracy alignment in their equipments.

Unlike mechanic alignment process, axis laser alignment has many advantages in times of solving mechanical axis wear problems and parallel, horizontal or angular misalignment. Axis laser alignment is useful for correcting residual misalignments through particular diagnosis and estimation techniques. Probable causes may be identified by high complexity technological studies, for which our technicians have vast experience and constant training and development.

With the equipments for axis laser alignment with two sources of laser emission we can perform:

  • Horizontal axis alignment

  • Vertical axis alignment

  • Soft foot measurement and correction

  • Effects compensation on working temperature of equipments to align

  • Making of information reports and graphics.

Axis laser alignment is useful for optimizing the length of useful life in industrial machineries and its components. This system is an important maintenance method to avoid:

  • Loss on production

  • Greater electricity consumption

  • Malfunction of rotating machinery

  • Wrong coupling

  • Broken shaft

We also offer axis laser alignment service on ships for submarine operating industries, getting to solve essential technical problems in engines, rotors and related equipments.

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