boats and vessels maintenance. preventive and progressive maintenance. boat painting

Coopertei provides boats and vessels maintenance to varied kinds of boating, in docks or afloat. We perform tasks like mounting and repair of boats aboard or in our company’s workshops, either for the mechanic engineering or in their general structure, both making to environmental concern. We count on vast experienced working teams for vessels maintenance afloat in fishing vessels, cargoes, tugboats among others.

Our company’s technicians is well qualified for the execution and supervision of boats maintenance tasks, making reports of ship maintenance, such as work history for jobs done, planning of maintenance tasks to make in vessels or other boating, of both corrective and preventive nature.

Our vessels maintenance service is really beneficial for our clients, as our facilities are right next to the port. This makes it easy task for ships loading and unloading of technical equipments to repair the structures, minimizing the repair time.

The vessels maintenance and boat repairing service supplied by Coopertei is done according to ISO 9001 of Quality Management Standards. These are some of the vessels maintenance and boat repairing services done on boating afloat or in our workshops:

  • Overall vessels maintenance: superstructures repairing service; boat propulsion repairing service; steering mechanism repairing service.

  • Repairing and renewal of boat propeller system in vessels of all kind

  • Repairing and maintenance of ship boilers and pipe work.

  • Repairing and replacement of pipes and masonry, welding and other sheet metal repair services.

  • Electronics and electricity: electrical installation repair service

  • Pumps repair and maintenance. Spare parts construction.

  • Valves repair and maintenance. Spare parts construction.

  • Electric motors: repair and maintenance.

  • Boat painting: antioxidant treatment for boat hull, deck and other surfaces of the boat, mechanical pieces, preventive antifouling treatment.

  • Insulating treatment for vessels.

  • Tank ships maintenance

  • Maintenance and repair works in Virasoro ship
  • The Virasoro ship in Berisso’s port
  • Coopertei’s personnel inside the Virasoro ship
  • View of the ship’s deck being repaired
  • Repair and replacement of pipes on boats afloat
  • Repairs inside the Virasoro
  • View of the Virasoro in the inside
  • Repairs with winch inside the ship
  • Our working team repairing a flange with winch
  • Portable winch working on flange repair service
  • Insulating treatments on vessels
  • Welding and other sheet metal repair services
  • Vessel painting and electrical installation repair service
  • Repairing and renewal of boat propeller system
  • Antioxidant treatment for boat surfaces
  • Flange maintenance on boats
  • Pumps and valves repair and maintenance
  • Repairing and replacement of pipes and masonry
  • Replacing and renewal of boats helixes of all kind
  • Our proximity to the port optimizes ship repairing times
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