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  • Entrance to our company
  • View of the entrance to Coopertei
  • From our company’s location, you can see the port
  • Inside our installations
  • Reception room for our clients
  • Machining room for equipment repair
  • Equipments for industrial repairs
  • Repairs with portable fast operating winches
  • Flange machining
  • Repairs in our workshops for Nestlé Stock Company
  • Necessary infrastructure for industrial machinery
  • Industrial repairs for petrochemical companies
  • On site repairs with portable winch
  • Transporting our portable winch with crane
  • Repairs in distillation tower
  • Industrial maintenance for YPF petrochemical plant
  • Piping and industrial valve repairing
  • Maintenance, mounting and repairing of spare parts
  • Repairing, construction and mounting of spare parts
  • Our workshops, machining and repair space
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