industrial equipment refurbishing and grouting

Our workshops have the necessary infrastructure for industrial equipment refurbishing and transportation. We boast a highly qualified and experienced working team to perform jobs on site, carrying out the following tasks:

  • Skids refurbishing and construction for different combination of equipments.(Engine driven or drivers).

  • Grouting refurbishing or placement.

  • Grouting is useful to completely level or filling spaces between anchor and drillings. A grouting job using high quality grout material is essential matter to avoid the stopping or interruption of a production process, which is very expensive.

  • Refurbishing or construction of alignment devices.

  • Refurbishing or construction of drainage pipes.

  • Construction of coupling cover.

  • Thermal insulation of pipes and equipments.

  • Equipment and pipes painting.

Coopertei performs different industrial equipments refurbishing on site under strict safety and quality standards. We boast last generation technology for equipment refurbishing and implementation, working on turbines, engines, valves of all kind and series, devices and spare parts construction and etcetera, for optimum alignment results. We also do painting and insulation of pipes for shipping companies on ships afloat.

  • Nash compressor, Refineries La Plata
  • Grouting works in Refineries La Plata
  • Grouting in YPF Refineries La Plata
  • On site industrial equipment refurbishing
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Equipments repainting and grouting works
  • Equipment refurbishing and grouting
  • Refurbishing and grouting
  • Industrial equipment refurbishment
  • Grouting on industrial equipments
  • Grouting, repainting and pipe insulation
  • On site industrial maintenance
  • Grouting on the clients’ installations
  • Nobleza Picardo, rectification work of vacuum pump rotor
  • Refurbishment in our workshops, steam turbine for YPF
  • Celullose Argentina, remetalizing of Nash pump
  • Nash compressor, YPF Refinery
  • Compressor refurbishment for YPF Refinery
  • Equipment refurbishment, Nash compressor for YPF Refinery
  • Worthintong compressor repairs for YPF Refinery La Plata
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