on site machining

On site machining is one of our Company’s main activities done on our clients’ facilities. We have specialized equipment to assemble or disassemble industrial equipments. We have strong commitment to efficiency and quality as a main objective in our tasks according to each company’s needs. On site flange machining is very convenient for industries, because the cost is lower in comparison with a standard operating procedure and it represents between 60 to 80 per cent savings in repair time, which optimizes the stopping time of the plant.

On site flange machining

Flanges are pieces that connect pipes to industrial equipments such as pumps, heat interchangers, boilers, stirred tank reactors, and etcetera or to other industrial accessories such as elbows and valves for instance. The junction is made with two flanges, one of which belongs to the pipe and the other, to the industrial equipment or accessory to which it must be connected.

Our company has vast experience in flange machining on site, repairing industrial equipments with high technology developments. We have qualified staff to handle them, according to ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification standards.

Flange machining on site eliminates putting workers at risk and the need to do root and second root industrial radiography controls and second root control on welding works. Our company has highly qualified technicians and portable equipments for flange machining on site, facing mechanical repair tasks and flange conditioning with much responsibility.

Among the tasks involving flange machining on site, we perform flange facings ranging from 2” up to 120” (3000 mm) in diameter, with portable fast operating winches for machining on site. We can reach roughness levels of highest ranks on sealing front: RMS 125 for fluoride acid.

We also perform grouting and axis alignment jobs on site.

  • Portable lathe mounting
  • Portable lathe for flange machining
  • Portable lathe set for machining
  • Flange machining in our workshops
  • Flange machining with portable lathe
  • Interchanger encircling equipment machining
  • Flange machining on boats
  • On site flange machining
  • Flange machining with lathe on boat
  • On site flange maintenance
  • Coopertei, on site flange machining
  • Transporting the portable lathe to a petrochemical tower
  • La Plata Refineries, mounting of the portable lathe
  • On site machining, La Plata Refineries
  • Our portable lathe in La Plata Refineries
  • Taking our portable lathe up to a tower
  • Machining with lathe on the distillation tower
  • Mounting of portable lathe on the tower
  • On site flange machining operation
  • Flanges on a distillation tower
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