geographical location

  • Our Company: store front commercial building
  • Our facilities, reception room for clients
  • View of the inside of the building
  • View from the second floor of our building
  • We provide with industrial maintenance to YPF Petrochemical Company
  • We perform industrial repair and maintenance to important companies
  • View of our offices
  • You can see the port from our facilities
  • We repair API pools for Petrochemical Company La Plata
  • View of API pools in Petrochemical Company La Plata
  • View of Coopertei’s building
  • View of the machining area in our workshops
  • Our industrial plant in La Portada 4215, Berisso
  • Workshops with the necessary equipment for industrial repairs
  • Maintenance to API pools in YPF La Plata
  • Ship repairing and maintenance
  • Infrastructure, vehicles for machine transportation
  • View of industrial equipment in our workshops
  • Industrial machining area
  • View of the main workshops for industrial repairs
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