industrial maintenance

Our company provides mechanical assistance to important clients in Argentina and has commercial agreements with international firms. We perform industrial maintenance in petrochemical plants, equipments maintenance, flanges and valves machining, and other electromechanic equipment repairs.

We can mention the following companies with whom we have tightened excellent commercial bonds, and who value our quality of service in industrial maintenance and assistance to different equipments.

  • Astra Evangelista Corporation: (for Total Austral Company): On site flanges machining (Rio Grande, Tierra del Fuego); mechanical repairs and industrial maintenance.

  • ESSO Corporation in Campana: On site flanges machining with diameters up to 52”. General repairs of sliding valves.

  • NASH: Repair service for compressors made in the USA and vacuum pumps from Brazil.

  • Paper manufacturer TUCUMAN Corporation: General repair service of precipitator and steam boiler feeding pump.

  • Petroken Corporation: in Ensenada, Buenos Aires: boring of interchanger pipes of 500 channels.

  • Refinor Corporation.: On site flange machining: repairs and industrial maintenance.

  • Repsol –YPF Petrochemical plant in La Plata, Buenos Aires: Repair and industrial maintenance service.

  • Shell Corporation: Pumps industrial repairs and industrial maintenance, alternative compressors and valves.

  • YPF water treatment plant: repair and industrial maintenance service.

We can also mention the following companies, to which we supply industrial maintenance and assistance:

  • Abb Corporation.

  • Aicc Engineering Consultants

  • Antonio D’Amico Corporation.

  • Bahia Blanca Petrochemical plant

  • Betz Argentina Corporation.

  • Chilicote Corporation.

  • Cinter LLC.

  • Conestoga.

  • Coninsa Corporation.

  • Cuesset Corporation.

  • Doole

  • Empredim Corporation.

  • Flowserve Corporation.

  • Frigolar.

  • Garden Denver Inc.

  • General Electric Corporation.

  • Grace Corporation.

  • John Crane Corporation.

  • La Plata’s Harbor Management Association.

  • Media Caña Corporation.

  • National Shipping Corporation.

  • Nestle Argentina Corporation.

  • Ormas Corporation.

  • Paramen Corporation.

  • Petrocsa Corporation.

  • Polibutenos Corporation.

  • Promic LLC.

  • RepMan Corporation.

  • Rovers and Associates

  • Sade Corporation.

  • Sulzer Brazil Corporation.

  • Tauro Corporation.

  • YPF despatch plant.

  • YPF Petrochemical Plant, La Plata
  • YPF Petrochemical Plant, distillation towers
  • Piping and industrial maintenance
  • Coolers, chillers in YPF Refineries
  • Piping works in Refineries La Plata
  • Nestlé, oil tank
  • Nestlé, coffee drying tank
  • Industrial maintenance in Nestlé, Magdalena
  • Oxy Energy, industrial maintenance
  • Oxy Energy, TEG unit (tri-ethylene glycol)
  • Industrial maintenance in petrochemical companies
  • Material contribution in vacuum pumps
  • Nestlé, on site industrial maintenance
  • Piping for Nestlé Magdalena
  • Transportation of drying tank from Nestlé to our workshops
  • Nestlé’s drying tank, transportation to workshops
  • Industrial maintenance in CEAMSE
  • Industrial maintenance in Gonzalez Catán
  • On site industrial maintenance, CEAMSE
  • Industrial repairs and preventive maintenance
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