industrial machinery mechanical maintenance and repair. mechanical maintenance on site.

Our company has performed mechanical maintenance and repair to industrial rotating machinery since 1991, when we opened our facilities. Soon after, we opened a new complex with the presence of the president of Argentina, supporting our company assets. Our goal is to provide excellence in customer service to our clients, operating with utmost transparency and making effective, guaranteed works. With the aim of carrying out a sustentable task which will get us to keep getting our performance better every day, we have implemented an Occupational security and health system according as required by OHSAS 18001, and a quality management system as required by ISO 9001.

Our industrial plant in Berisso, Province of Buenos Aires, is quite near the port, which is convenient for clients who must bring industrial machinery to repair or for mechanical maintenance service from other countries. Coopertei’s administrative and commercial offices comprise engineers, industrial designers, CAD experts, project design drawers and auditors. The industrial complex consists of different workshops where specially trained personnel like mechanics, turners, millers, welders and electricians perform the mechanical maintenance of varied industrial machinery. We repair pumps, turbines, valves and compressors of all kind and potency, flanges, mechanical seals, electric engines, centrifugal and retractable blowers, spare parts, pipes and do skids construction, dynamic balancing, vacuum pumps repair and mechanical maintenance, optical/laser alignment, among other jobs. We also do mechanical equipment construction, such as paraffin chillers and engine parts.

Our personnel’s functions and enterprise self-maintenance

Among the varied activities carried out by our staff in Coopertei, we can mention the following:

  • Survey and dimensional control of equipments in repair.

  • Periodic reports of MTBF (Medium Time between Failures).

  • Periodic reports of MTBR (Medium Time between Repairs).

  • Specification and emission of supply orders.

  • Drawing of plans with CAD.

  • Check lists confection.

  • Instructional work scheduling.

  • Programming project work to be done.

  • Planning of work to be done.

  • Preliminary report on failures.

  • Repair report confection.

  • Roundup payroll making for daily jobs in course.

  • Work orders issuance.

  • Internal quality audit management.

  • Job instructive making.

Coopertei boasts a training and development department for the personnel on the main plant in Berisso. We supply our staff with constant development tools on metal mechanic fields, along with other essential technical formation which makes to our high quality service, environment preservation and conservation and safety standards, making objectives meet with our corporative policy. These below are some of the courses our company provides within the training center:

  • Business process management

  • Management by objectives

  • Marketing

  • PC operator

  • Cost analysis

  • Computer Assisted Drawing (CAD)

  • ISO 9000

  • Centrifugal pumps

  • Plain bearings

  • ISO 14000

  • OHSAS 18001

  • Mechanical seals

  • Bearing assembly and disassembly

  • Laser alignment equipment

  • Mechanical metrology

  • Electrical metrology

  • Air compressors

  • Electric welding

Coopertei’s working staff is trained to fulfill machining jobs and industrial mechanical equipment maintenance and repairs on site (On-site machining). We perform industrial machinery mounting and dismantling to repair the equipments or for their mechanical maintenance on the clients’ facilities.

On-site machining, together with other metal mechanic tasks, is what we offer to important clients in Argentina, such as Repsol YPF company, to whom we have performed mechanical maintenance ever since the foundation of Coopertei until the present day.

  • Coopertei, our working team
  • Annual dinner with the Industrial Cooperative Union
  • Our Company in Berisso
  • Coopertei’s facilities in Berisso
  • Our offices in Coopertei
  • Reception for clients in our building
  • View of our workshops
  • Equipment controls, report making
  • Mechanical maintenance, milling machines
  • Industrial mechanical works in our workshops
  • Mechanical maintenance and industrial turning
  • Nash compressor transportation
  • Mechanical maintenance workshops
  • Vertical pump, mechanical maintenance
  • Industrial mechanical maintenance workshops
  • Transporting of crane and dryer to Nestlé
  • Industrial turnery
  • Drill tracing on heat interchanger
  • Mechanical maintenance workshops
  • Server room
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