mechanical seals repair

Coopertei performs mechanical seals repair either for required cleaning or for the analysis of their components, in case they present crack-surface roughness by hard use wearing or extra effort in its working process. Throughout the machining stage in mechanical seals repair we perform tasks such as deformation problems, change of accessories, primary sides change and honing.

Compared to other kinds of sealing, the use of mechanical seals responds to personal security management standards and environment preservation, as it has many advantages:

The mechanical seals

  • They do not produce shaft wariness.

  • They last much longer periods.

  • They are a hundred per cent adaptable.

  • Working with mechanical seals requires low consumption of power because of low friction power, saving between eight and fifteen per cent electric energy.

  • They provide longer useful life to industrial equipments.

  • They do not produce dripping, which avoids environmental contamination.

  • Their use results in less budget load.

In Coopertei we have adequate stoning machines and granite blocks for guaranteed mechanical seals repair reaching high quality polishing on surfaces where the sealing has been performed.

  • Mechanical seals general repairs
  • Mechanical seals cleanse
  • We have lapping machines for mechanical seals repairs
  • Mechanical seals surface texturing
  • Machining of mechanical seals parts
  • Mechanical seals meet personal safety standards
  • Mechanical seals machining for deformed parts
  • Machining in mechanical seals for mechanical wear
  • Mechanical seals are much durable
  • Mechanical seals usage meet safety standards
  • Mechanical seals repairs in industrial machinery
  • Repairs and cleaning service in industrial mechanical seals
  • Repairing and polishing of mechanical seals
  • Change of mechanical seals accessories
  • Mechanical seals, primary sides change
  • Mechanical seals lapping
  • Integrated machining in mechanical seals parts
  • We repair mechanical seals with highest polishing quality
  • Mechanical seals polishing
  • Mechanical seals parts repairs
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