services to the metal mechanic industry

Our company has supplied services to the metal mechanic industry ever since the initiation of activities in 1991. We have an important well equipped infrastructure to perform repair and maintenance jobs on industrial equipments. Our staff performs repairing jobs on three industrial plants with the necessary equipment to carry out different tasks to companies which require solutions to industrial machinery.

The main plant is in 4215 La Portada Street in the city of Berisso, province of Buenos Aires with a covered area of 2440 m², where we run the administrative and commercial departments. There is also a training and development centre for our personnel, and our most important industrial complex with completely equipped machining workshops to perform metal mechanic services to our clients.

Coopertei’s machining structure consists of the following workshops:

  • Industrial machinery workshops: for the construction, repairing and machining of different industrial equipments.

  • Mechanical workshops: to repair and maintenance service of valves, turbines, and compressors.

  • Valve repairs and maintenance workshops: we repair lock, spherical and globe valves, with simple and inverted cover, check, butterfly and three-way valves, pressure and vacuum valves (in tanks with petrochemical product), slide valves with manual or automatic command and three-way valves with automatic command.

Our machining workshops are equipped with the following industrial machinery which makes to our high quality service in metal mechanic industry requirements.

  • Small parallel lathes: 460 mm turning, 3000 mm between centers.

  • Medium parallel lathes: 720 mm turning, and 2500 mm between centers.

  • Big parallel lathes: 1700 mm turning, 4000 mm between centers.

  • Vertical lathe: 2200 mm turning.

  • Small drill tracers: screw of 65 mm; height: 1500 mm; length: 1800 mm

  • Big drill tracers: screw of 100 mm; height: 2000 mm; length: 3000 mm

  • Milling machine: height: 300 mm; longitudinal stroke: 820 mm; transversal stroke: 1800 mm.

  • Slotting machine surface: torpedo, 200 mm; transversal: 300 mm; longitudinal: 300 mm.

  • Plain grinders: grinding route: 2000 mm

  • Cylindrical grinders: distance between points: 3000 mm

  • Gear manufacturer: turning 500 mm

  • Gear cutting machine: turning 500 mm

  • Mechanical seals lapper: lapping plate 600 mm

  • Dynamic balancing machine: length: 2800 mm; maximum pressure: 3000 kg/cm².

  • Hydraulic press: length of the piece: 2300 mm; maximum Ø: 1600 mm. weight: 3000 kg

  • Radial drilling machine: length of flag: 800 mm: Ø drill bit up to 40 mm

The second industrial plant is working on Repsol – YPF Refinery facilities in La Plata, with a covered area of 1500 m².

The plant is equipped with the following special industrial equipment of our property:

  • Laser alignment equipment

  • Infrared thermometer with hot tip laser

  • Oil analyzer by comparison

  • Electronic stethoscope

  • Induction bearing heaters

  • Rockwell hardness tester

  • Vickers hardness tester

  • Torque keys

  • Crane: hauling 7.5 tns, 10.5 m reach

  • Autoelevator: 2.5 tns capacity

  • Trucks with hydraulic cranes and box trucks.

  • Renault Rodeo utilitary vehicles, Caddy, VW Saveiro and Ford Rangers.

  • Plasma Arc welding.

  • Calibrated measuring instrument with traceable patterns: up to 1500 mm

  • Monochromatic light lamp.

  • Hydraulic bearing extractors.

Our company aims to fulfill our clients’ expectations with a high quality service and optimum metal mechanic solutions. For such purpose, we have subsections in different areas of our facilities which are meant to control the state of repairs, always working according to the ISO 9001 Quality Management Standards certified by the Argentine Standards and Certification Institute (IRAM) and the OHSAS 18001 of Safety Management Standards.

  • Coopertei, our company, offices and workshops
  • Our industrial complex in Berisso
  • Coopertei, staff training room
  • Coopertei gives training courses for working staff
  • Industrial complex, workshops
  • Cylindrical grinder
  • Metal mechanics, lathe machines area
  • Drill tracers in our workshops
  • View of the workshops from the machining area
  • View of the mail metal mechanic workshop
  • Machining sector in Coopertei
  • Metal mechanic workshops
  • Industrial turning sector in metal mechanic workshop
  • Milling works in our workshops
  • Industrial turning sector
  • Metal mechanics, welding with filler metals
  • Industrial equipment transportation
  • Repairs in cylindrical grinders
  • Crane machine, workshops in YPF Refinery La Plata
  • Servers, technology in our company
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