plasma arc welding or paw welding system. remetalizing of mechanical pieces

The plasma arc welding system is more developed compared to the TIG system (Tungsten Inert Gas).

Plasma Arc Welding in technically known as PAW. It is a welding system with a two independent flows procedure: the plasma gas, generally high purity argon, and the protection gas, which can also be high purity argon or hydrogenated argon. The PAW or plasma arc welding system does not contaminate the base metal, it is fast, and very thin metals can be welded. It was designed to increase productivity.

There are three possible applications of Plasma arc welding according to the amperage being used:

  • Microplasma welding: It applies to very thin materials with welding flows of 0.1 amps and up to 20 amps. This welding type can be used on ultra thin metals, which would not be possible to do with any other processes.

  • Medium-plasma welding: This kind of plasma welding works by metal to metal fusion, with welding flows between 20 amps and up to 100 amps.

  • Keyhole welding: It is used for pipes and plates joints with welding currents higher than 250 amps, at which is achieved the penetration of the plasma arc in the whole thickness of the material to be welded.

Remetalizing by plasma

Remetalizing by plasma gives excellent results, since it has high hot spots concentration and the temperature transmission to the rest of the piece is much lower than that of a conventional system. This avoids stress concentration, which is common at weld, and from which results metal bending and deformation when repairing a mechanical piece. It is mostly used in high quality joints in electro mechanical machines, with precision technology applied at welding point.

Our company counts on a remetalizing service for mechanical pieces of machinery by plasma welding system, working under strict security and quality management standards. Coopertei supplies this service to industries such as petrochemical and chemical processing plants.

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