pump repairs and maintenance

Coopertei performs pump repairs and current mechanical maintenance to different industrial equipments for important petrochemical and paper manufacturing companies among others. Our main task is to refurbish and control these industrial pieces. We perform all kind pump repairs:

Centrifugal pump repairs

Centrifugal pumps are a kind of hydraulic pump which transforms mechanical energy of a rotating impelling machine in kinetic or potential energy.

There is a great variety of centrifugal pumps with different functions, depending on the fluid, the temperature at which it is transported and the pressure it stands. Centrifugal pumps, compared to those of alternative movement, work at different speeds. They are used to pump clean or slightly dirty fluids. Their usage is recommended for the pumping of corrosive liquids.

In Coopertei we perform centrifugal pump repairs and mechanical maintenance with the following characteristics:

  • Vertical pumps with simple crankcase

  • Vertical pumps with double multistage crankcase

  • Horizontal multistage pump

  • Horizontal pump of first and multistage

  • With multiplier

Dispensing pump repairs

For every successful industrial process an adequate proportion of the product is needed. This is the purpose of a dispensing pump in an industrial production process.

We perform compact dispensing piston pump repairs, which are designed for working in open air and electromagnetic metering pumps which react by electromagnets and electronic command, mostly used in water treatment, chemical process, mining and paper industries.

Alternative pump repairs

  • Steam pumps

  • Radial pumps

  • Piston pumps and plunger piston pumps

Screw pump repairs

Simple screw pumps are used to pump all kinds of fluids, mainly smooth and liquid ones. These pumps are used in petrochemical industries: of battery and plant, for API pools and on earth, with recirculation, in portable equipments for sediment and mud extraction, for pumping formation and reinjection waters and for multiphase pumping.

Three screw pumps are used for pumping clean and lubricating fluids and, among other usage, for fueloil injection in burners, lubrication circuits, hydraulic elevators, and etcetera.

Coopertei performs screw pump repairs and mechanical maintenance of all the above mentioned types, which is in charge of specialized personnel and the proper equipment to realize the following tasks:

  • Axis, body and lid control,

  • Axis grinding in axis box, seals and baring areas.

  • Bushing construction.

  • Bearing change.

  • Packing and seals repairs.

  • Control in packing, assembly and lights between screws and body.

  • Grouting.

Gear pumps repairs.

Gear pumps cover the needs for petrochemical companies in the kind of equipments they use to process raw material. They can also be appliable for industries alike, as well as in nourishing, plastic and chemical industries for their industrial processes in general.

They are used to pump viscose liquids with a certain lubricating use, dense fluids such as oil and its by-products, fuel oil, mineral and vegetal oils, lubricating oils, glycerine, syrups, soaps, cosmetics, colouring fluids, inks, paint and varnish, honey, marmelades, etcetera.

Moreover, gear pumps can be used in lubricating networks and hydraulic circuits.

Qualified technicians in Coopertei perform the mechanical maintenance and repairs to the already mentioned gear pumps using the proper equipment for these tasks.

Vacuum pump repair

We have the necessary infrastructure to perform vacuum pumps repair, such as CL-9000, TC-11, HP-9, and CL – 2002 among others, and also NASH compressors repairs. Some important firms require our services on this field: Cellulose Argentina, AES Thermal Power San Nicolás, Papelera Tucumán Stock Company, Corn products International and YPF to mention but a few.

Our company is being permanently assisted by the technical service from the manufacturers, which certifies a satisfactory repair performance according to manufacturing standards.

Rotary vane pumps.

Diaphragm pumps.

  • Nash vacuum pump for Cellulose Argentina
  • Vacuum pump repair for Cellulose Argentina
  • Vacuum pump mounting in our workshops
  • Joints repairs during mounting process
  • Vacuum pump structure machining
  • Vertical pump repair in water plant YPF La Plata
  • Vacuum pumps repairs for YPF La Plata
  • Vacuum pumps repairing process
  • Vacuum pump repairing in our workshops
  • Drill tracing in pump structure for Refineries La Plata
  • Nash vacuum pump mounting for Corn Products Stock Company
  • Drill tracing in pump structure  for YPF La Plata
  • Pump mounting for YPF La Plata
  • Repaired pump for YPF Refineries La Plata
  • Vertical pump, repairing service for Logistics YPF La Plata
  • Vertical pump repairing process in our workshops
  • Worthintong compressor for Logistics YPF La Plata
  • Pump repairing for Nobleza Picardo
  • Vacuum pump repair service for Corn Products Stock Company
  • Pumps repair service for Nobleza Picardo
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