piping. mechanized boilermaking. speed reducer repair


Coopertei performs piping welding and construction tasks, preliminary and computerized piping design; piping lines of fluid and gaseous of up to 150 and 300 pounds pressure, and repair of equipment of up to 600 pounds. We perform coatings in piping with ceramic fiber, glass wool or expanded polyurethane, hydro mechanic cleaning and high pressure restoration in water and gas piping systems, reinforcement and finish of Riser and siding installation in ducts with corrosion.

We perform X-Ray piping control tasks in welding (NDT – Nondestructive Testing) during the installation and repairing of high pressure equipment.

Moreover, our company provides corrective and preventive maintenance and firehouse network according to ISO 9001 standards.

Mechanized boilermaking

Our company provides both fine and heavy industrial mechanized boilermaking services for metal parts construction, with the adequate industrial machinery to perform tailor made tasks, according to each client’s needs. We perform machining service, adjustment and welding on industrial plants and equipment, safety valve tirage, construction of the necessary spare parts for mechanized boilermaking tasks, always working according to ISO 9001 quality standards.

We perform welding works, construction, design and repair of metal structures such as platforms for large equipment (platforms for rotating machinery of up to 750HP, with double T-shaped profiles), metal pieces construction of individual and made to measure, separation equipment repair (cyclones), together with other services alike, developing responsible tasks with high qualified personnel in charge of such activities.

speed reducer repair

We perform speed reducer repair and we also work on different mechanical pieces such as hydraulic speed drivers, alternative and centrifugal compressors and forced draft fans and induced draft fans repair and maintenance.

Our highly qualified team of technicians is ready to operate on speed reducer repair and other pieces of industrial machinery. We count on the necessary equipment to make machining and supply industrial maintenance to industrial machines on site or in our workshops.

Speed reducer repair involves a thorough inspection. The repair process of this equipment as well as others is divided into the following stages:

  • Piece by piece dismantling of the equipment

  • Washing and cleaning of machinery parts in a decantation sink

  • Visual control: an inspection of the clean, dismantled equipment is made in order to check on breakage, make abrasion testing and control wearing signals.

  • Initial dimensional analysis: a total measurement is done to verify clearances signaled by ISO standards.

  • Making of tasks requirements and orders for materials to repair speed reducers, compressors and other equipments.

  • Deviation repairs: clearances are repaired according to specified requirements.

  • Final dimensional analysis: the measurement of the required pieces is done according to the notice of proposed task.

  • Dynamic balancing of the equipment according to DIN ISO 1940-1.

  • Assembly controls: the perpendicularity and concentricity of the assembly of the machinery parts is verified.

  • Total assemblage: the total assemblage of the industrial equipment is done, after which hydraulic testing is realized if necessary.

  • Making of repair report: with summary and technical memory of different aspects taken into account to operate on the equipment.

  • YPF Refineries, Nash compressors
  • Piping for La Plata Refineries
  • Mechanical maintenance and piping in Oxy Energy
  • Oxy Energy, piping works
  • YPF Petrochemical plant in La Plata, Sunshine pump
  • Piping, Nash compressors
  • Piping works by Coopertei
  • Nash Compressors, piping works
  • Piping for Oxy Energy
  • Sunshine Pumps, piping works
  • Nash
  • Pulley balancing for Nobleza Picardo
  • Balancing machine
  • Vacuum pump balancing for Corn Products Stock Company
  • Locomotive engine for YPF Refinery in La Plata
  • Getting cylinder head and engine into our workshops
  • Speed reducer box, Nestlé, Nestum dryers
  • Speed reducer of dryer for Nestlé
  • Speed reducer box repairs
  • Gonzalez backhoe
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