industrial turbine repair

Coopertei offers high quality service in turbine repair for petrochemical plants and power stations, responding to requirements of the ISO 9001 Quality Management Standards and the OHSAS 18001 Safety Standards.

Turbine repair plays an important and necessary role as to good rentability of petrochemical plants and power stations, safety standards in them and environment preservation. To this extent, it is advisable to have periodical maintenance done on turbines. Our company has supplied these services ever since 1991, and we have vast experience and earned reliability to perform turbine repair on site.

There are many kinds of industrial turbines, among which we can mention as most important the hydraulic, thermical, eolic and submarine turbines. In our workshops we repair the following kinds:

  • Vertical and horizontal steam turbines: Coopertei’s team of technicians is highly skilled for steam turbines maintenance and repairs, with high technology equipments, performing their machining in our workshops or on site.

  • Gas turbines: Our Company provides mechanical maintenance of turbomachines which require permanent control, keeping to the strict requirements of safety management standards.

  • Turbochargers

  • Turbogenerators

  • Turbo machines repair

We also perform machining of horizontal and vertical grinding faces.

  • Industrial turbine repairs
  • Turbines mechanical maintenance
  • Machining of turbine casing, joint faces
  • Machining of turbine casing horizontal/vertical joint faces
  • Turbine machining, tapping of turbine parts
  • Turbine casing machining
  • Turbine parts repairs
  • Turbine parts machining
  • Turbochargers repairing
  • Turbogenerators repairing
  • Repairs in turbo electro machines and their parts
  • Turbine pieces repairs and polishing
  • Repairs of turbo electromachinery
  • Turbine repairs for YPF Refinery, La Plata
  • Turbine piece refurbishing
  • Refurbishing of turbines and their pieces
  • Technology for valve repairing
  • Coopertei and AERTI, strategic alliance for turbine repairs
  • Turbine repairs in our workshops
  • Integrated refurbishing of industrial turbines
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